Puppy Pops

"Pawsitively Delicious!"

What Are Puppy Pops?

Puppy Pops are delectable gourmet cake pops especially made for dogs! They are made with dog friendly ingredients and coated with melted carob chips which are also dog friendly! While cake pops are eaten off of a  stick , puppy pops are eaten off of twist sticks that are highly digestible and contain no rawhide whatsoever! So they get a FULL treat with nothing to throw away!

My Puppy Pops currently come in banana, carob, peanut butter, red velvet and pumpkin! ( pumpkin, red velvet and peanut butter are all wheat free for our sensitive pups)

What our customers are saying

Tasha's Popper's are AMAZING! I can only imagine how great the puppy version will taste. I can't wait to order my first box!

Linda Rick - Cake Pop Customer

Package Prices

Purchase  the  Perfect Puppy Pops Package !

Puppy Treat Box


4 pops in a box

1 flavor selection

Launch Special Price $20


Paw-ty  "Pops" Package


Per dozen

1 dozen of 2 selected flavors

Launch Special Price $55


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